We have 10 secure penthouse style chalets. All chalets are individual, so they have no close contact with other guest cats.

We provide all bedding and ask that owners do not bring bedding from home as we follow a strict hygiene procedure regarding the bedding.

Cats are fed twice a day with either tinned or pouched food and dry food is always available. If your cat requires a different regime then we are happy to follow his/her normal routine. If the cat is reluctant to eat on the first day, then we have some special treats to tempt them. Water or milk is available at all times.

We do stock several different types of food eg supermarket brands, but if your cat requires a special diet, then we ask you the owner to supply us with enough for their stay.

Inside the cat chalets there is a raised shelf for the sleeping area. In the bed we put veterinary bedding and a soft fleece blanket. Below the shelf is a play area with scratch posts and toys suspended to provide entertainment, this is also the area where they feed.

There is a cat flap where they can access a further play area that overlooks the outside, in this area there is another raised shelf with another soft warm bed to snuggle up in.

From the front of the chalet, the cat is able to see the activity of the staff in the corridor.

All cats must have received their annual booster vaccinations within 12 months of their admission, please check these dates prior to booking, as we reserve the right to refuse admission to a cat without current vaccinations. Also please flea treat & worm your cat prior to boarding or been done recently.

Cat suite

Packing your cat’s suitcase:

1. Vaccination certificate as we are unable to accept any cat that has not been vaccinated within 12 months prior to their admission..

2. Any medication in its original packaging or prescription food – sufficient for your cat’s stay.

3. Favourite toy.

4. All cats must be transported in a pet carrier, to avoid any escape. This will also help to keep the cat calm.