All kennels are individually heated, and all have outside runs, Each kennel is sanitized on a daily basis and within each kennel there is a plastic bed lined with thermal veterinary bedding to keep them warm and cosy. You do not need too bring beds from home as we provide all bedding, but if you do bring any blankets they MUST be freshly laundered before bringing it in as we follow strict hygiene regime.

Fresh water is available at all times.

The dogs are exercised early morning, lunchtime and again late afternoon in a secure exercise area.

All dogs are let out to run and play individually in a secure field at the rear of the kennels. If you prefer you dog to be kept on a lead, he/she will be walked around the perimeter of the field.

Dogs are exercised BEFORE being fed.

Feeding is generally 1-2 times a day depending on their routine and we aim to adhere to their usual diet. We stock several varieties of foods eg supermarket brands. If any pet is on a special diet we usually request the owners to supply this.

At bedtime all guests receive biscuits and a bedtime cuddle (if guest allows). We are happy to administer any medication that is required, and adhere to any special diets that the dog may be on, all medication must be supplied in its original packaging with dose written clearly on the packaging.

All dogs must have received their annual booster vaccinations including kennel cough within 12 months prior to their admission & no later than 14 DAYS before boarding, PLEASE CHECK THESE DATES BEFORE HAND AS WE WILL REFUSE BOARDING IF NOT VALID. THE VACCINATION RECORD/CERTIFICATE MUST ACCOMPANY THE DOG ON EACH VISIT, FAILURE TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF VACCINATION STATUS WILL MEAN REFUSAL TO BOARD.

Please worm & flea treat your dog prior to boarding or has been done recently.

Secure Exercise area

Packing your dog's suitcase

1. Vaccination certificate (including kennel cough) we are unable to accept any dog that has not been vaccinated within 12 months prior to their admission. WILL BE REFUSED BOARDING.


2. Any medication or prescription food – sufficient for your dogs stay

3. A favorite toy is always welcome

4. And of course his/her lead and collar including an identity disc as required by law, as from April 2016 it is required by law also that the dogs are to be microchipped.