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Kaz is a beautiful rich gold long coated sable girl, she is a straight back.

She has the most wonderful sweet nature & is very affectionate, but she does have a cheeky mischievous side that you can't fail to love

She is great with children & other dogs

Kaz is the daughter of Rockforce Tazar

She was born on the 24th May 2014 & is kennel club registered

Hip scores 5:4=9

Roxy is a medium size, black & tan, long coated girl

She has a friendly personality with a cheeky side.

Roxy is a very loyal & affectionate girl & her pups will make ideal family pets.

She is the granddaughter of Rockforce Vadar & the daughter of Rockforce Ekko.

Roxy also carries the all black gene & the sable gene

Roxy was born 27th January 2015

She is Kennel Club registered

Hip scores 5:8 = 13

Roxy pictured with her sister Roxy is the dark one